Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ice Maker Causes Major Leak

Work is usually stressful enough without having to deal with extra building maintenance, but we cannot always control the outcomes of certain situations. So whe... READ MORE

Water Damage in Study of Home

When a couple noticed that their carpet in the study of their home was damp they figured they needed to take some action. The plumber on site informed our SERVP... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage in Riverdale, GA

After coming home to a flooded basement a resident in Riverdale, GA took quick action to call SERVPRO of Clayton County to help them deal with this fiasco. When... READ MORE

Water Damage in McDonough, Georgia

The kitchen damage happened when the homeowner was having some water lines re-routed in the attic and a plumbing connection failed. The result of the failed con... READ MORE

Burst Pipe Causes Water Damage

After walking in the doors of their house, these residents were surprised to find water and debris all over their floors and the contents of their home. When a ... READ MORE

Living-room mitigation in McDonough, Georgia

This water damage happened while the homeowners were out of town. The residents came home to find the entire first level of their home had flooded. It was deter... READ MORE