Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Tree Wins in Fight Against Home

While living around a forest and having a beautiful view of trees and nature can have its many perks, when a storm hits and hard winds start to blow it can make... READ MORE

Storm Causes Roof to Blow Off

When a dangerous storm hit Clayton County, this resident had his hands full with the amount of damages it caused to his home. The devastating winds caused a lar... READ MORE

Lightning Strike Causes Residential Fire

When a strike of lightning hit this home it created a fire near the top of the chimney. This fire caused damage to the bonus room and den areas as well as smoke... READ MORE

Tree Found in Living Room!

When a large storm hit Clayton County it caused a tree to uproot and fall on the roof of this local one story home. As you can see in the before photo this tree... READ MORE

Residential Storm Damage

After a thunderstorm caused a tree to fall on the roof of a home in Clayton County the rain proceeded to cause internal damage all throughout the home. Once ou... READ MORE

Thunderstorm Puts Hole in Roof!

When this customer gave us a call this summer he told us how the storm from the night before managed to blow part of the roof off of his home, sending rain wate... READ MORE